Fare Forth for Further Fabulous First Friday Festivities

Judy Nicewicz is December Artist of the Month

Judy began painting in 2004 and joined the Caladium Arts and Crafts Cooperative in 2008.

Judy is a member of The Society of Decorative Painters, and as a decorative artist, she paints in many mediums and on many surfaces for your home. 

She has been certified by Donna Dewberry, acclaimed 'one stroke' painter, and Priscilla Hauser, a member of The Craft and Hobby Association Hall of Fame.

Judy also began teaching in 2004 and will have several classes beginning in January at the Caladium Arts and Crafts Cooperative. 

November Artist of the Month


  Erwin 'Ernie' Wagenknecht is the Caladium Arts and Crafts Cooperative artist of the month.

  Ernie's specialty is finely crafted wood turnings.  He started woodcrafting in high school, and later taught Industrial Arts, including woodworking and drafting, for fifteen years.  Ernie has been a member of the co-op since May 2014.  Prior to then, he never sold any of his work, so now is the time to purchase the creations of a veteran craftsman.    Ernie has lived in Sebring with his long time significant other since 1995.

First Friday and Merchant's Street Fair

Lake Placid is having "1st Friday and the Merchant's Street Fair" on Friday, Nov, 7, 2014.

The Lake Placid Art League has a photography exhibit, Toby's Clown School and Museum will be open for fun and clowning around, and the Caladium Arts and Crafts Cooperative will have Artist of the month reception and children's sidewalk art drawing. Light refreshments will be served and you may participate in the drawing for the gift basket... Fun begins at 4 PM and lasts through 8 PM

Making Christmas Work

Caladium Arts & Crafts Cooperative “Artist of the Month” for October 2014

   Tish joined The Cooperative in July of 2010.  She has been a very active member, which includes holding the position of Vice President from May 2013 until April 2014.

A Pleasant First Friday Event at The Caladium Arts And Crafts Cooperative

Eight children became sidewalk chalk artists

This Friday’s gift basket, assembled by the Arts and Crafts Co-operative and the Lake Placid Art League, was won by Nylene Henry of Sebring

Tish Pike, our Artist of the Month, was at the Arts and Crafts Co-operative for Meet and Greet

First Friday Fun!

Airport Gets Great Reception!

September Artist of the Month

The Caladium Arts and Crafts Co-operative Artist of the Month for September is Betty Near. Betty was born in Pentwater, Michigan, and worked for twenty five years as a radiology technician before retiring to Lake Placid, where she has lived for over thirty years.  She has been doing counted cross stitch in linen and linen like fabrics for almost forty years, and has received many awards for her creations. Please come in during September to see Betty's display along with the work of our many other talented artists. Light refreshments will be served on First Friday evening, September 5.


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